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 The Department of Electro-Optical Engineering of Sothern Taiwan University was found in 2005 as a developmental unit originating from the Department of Electrical Engineering in 1999, and it is the very first Electro -  Optical Engineering department established by polytech universities in Taiwan.

The Department possesses an optoelectronics and semiconductor center with a class-10,000 clean room, which was also the leading laboratory among all the polytech universities. This center offers a variety of advanced equipments allowing advanced technologies be developed for both academic studies and
industrial applications.

The Department education policy aims to connecting the students to the industry and to the world by a well-developed practical teaching system. Based on this policy, the teaching faculties are all experienced in the field of optoelectronics and most of them having industrial working experiences. The well organized teaching programs, the friendly research environment and the experienced faculties will lead the students to become the high-quality engineers.