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Education Background

Research Area

Hon Kuan

Professor & chairmanNational Cheng Kung University / Ph.D. Electrical engineeringLED, Solar energy Optoelectronics 
Yi-Sheng Yeh

Professor & Dean of R&D Office

National Tsing Hua University / Ph.D. Physics

High power microwave Tube, Radio frequency identification, Microwave eng.

Chih-Cheng Kao Assistant Prof & chief

Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) Institut des NanoSciences de Paris / Ph.D. NanoScience

Nano Opto-electronic device, Thin-film science, Phosphors for FED

Hsyi-En Cheng

ProfessorNational Cheng Kung University / Ph.D. MaterialSemiconductor proc., Thin film eng., Solar energy Optoelectronics

Ching-Ming Hsu


Imperial College, England /Ph.D. Material

TFT-LCD process tech., OLED process tech.

Ruey-Ching Twu


National Taiwan University / Ph.D. OptoelectronicsOptic waveguide tech., Integrated optical measurement system, Semiconductor memory device
Kuen-Hsien Wu Associate Prof. National Cheng Kung University / Ph.D. Electrical engineering

Semiconductor proc., Optoelectronic eng., Microelectromechanical Systems

Wen-Jenq Tzou

 Associate Prof.

National Sun Yat-sen University / Ph.D. Electrical engineering

Electronic material, Microwave device, Optoelectronic device

Chih-Chieh Kang Associate Prof. University of Massachusetts, USA / Ph.D. Electrical engineering

 Optoelectronic eng., Optic design, Electromagnetic wave

Mei-Li Chen

Associate Prof.

Southern Taiwan University / Ph.D. Electronic engineering

Modern Physics, IC device

Ming-Lun Lee Associate Prof. National Cheng Kung University / Ph.D. Electrical engineering

LED proc. tech., Optoelectronic device, Opto-electronic semiconductor material

Jeng-Feng Lin

Assistant Prof.

University of Southern California, USA / Ph.D. Electrical engineering

Semiconductor- optoelectronic, Optic theory, Optic design

Wen-Tuan Wu

Associate Prof.Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland / Ph.D. PhysicsTFT-LCD process tech., Nano Opto-electronic material, thin film eng.

Ruei-Tang Chen

Assistant Prof.

National Taiwan University / Ph.D. Chemistry

Organic Optoelectronic Material, Solar cell